The Fundamentals of Illustration: Chapter 1-2

The thing that stood out to me the most when I read the first two chapters of “The Fundamentals of Illustration” was how much difficulty illustrators have faced in their careers.  Illustrators have been seemingly stuck “between a rock and a hard place”, with the rock being art and the hard place being design.  I (maybe ignorantly) always assumed that illustrators considered themselves to be under the discipline of art, but now I see that is not necessarily the case.

Illustrators cannot just be regarded as artists; they are also designers.  Illustrators produce art based on the clients needs, but they also utilize many different mediums in the design field to get to their final result.  A successful illustrator makes use of drawing studios, photography darkrooms, print-making workshops, wood and metal workshops, architecture and furniture design studios as well as computers (and the programs) used by graphic designers.

Illustrators really are chameleons, as they are piecing together multiple disciplines to make a career for themselves.  It is obvious to me that illustrators as a group are very talented people, and finding an illustrator that can successfully make use of the many different disciplines that are available to them is truly unique.


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