Brands: How NOT to get Lost at Sea

I was recently reading an article by George Lange (brand content expert who has worked with Facebook and Instagram) that got me thinking — how does any company not get absolutely lost among all the chaos that is branding being thrown at consumers, especially on social media?

I think it can be safe to say that (even though some people might not intend it), every person on the many different forms of social media are there because they have a story to share.

Every day people share the high’s and lo’s of their day, the big moments of their lives, the seemingly normal and uneventful parts of their day, as well as their opinions of social and political events (though this is not an exhaustive list, of course).

Any of us that has a Twitter feed or a Facebook timeline is no stranger to the stories that the people in our lives share.  But shouldn’t the businesses and companies that we frequent have stories to tell as well?  Without a doubt, there is a reason why companies like Coca-Cola and Verizon are remembered by millions of people; the stories they have to tell resonate with their consumers.

I think that more than anything consumers want to connect with the businesses they support on a personal level.  This however, is no small task.  Consumers what to know that the businesses they support are not just there to make a profit — the customer want to see that the business has real causes and issues they care about, that they genuinely care about the customers, and that they give back to the community.  People want to see that businesses are living and breathing entities.

There are unique people within businesses that drive their success in our communities/the world.  We need and want to hear of these people and how they help connect their business’ mission to our cities, and exactly how the company fits into our city.  Each business like each person, is unique and needs to have their story told.  Our world wants to hear these stories, especially since people will be able to relate to them!

The identity of a company and their brand is not just about the product they sell anymore; the stories these companies have to tell to the world is just as crucial to their success.