Real Graphic Design Solutions: Adobe Creative Cloud at Work in Pete’s Dragon

I love movies.  Plain and simple.  Something I am also a big fan of are smart reinventions of movies that I loved from my childhood.

I was beyond thrilled when I found out that Disney was remaking Pete’s Dragon!  I loved this movie when I was a kid (even though this movie was technically a little before my time) and it just brings back great memories from growing up.

What makes me most excited about this remake is knowing how much technology has changed since the ’70’s.  What is even cooler is that Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps had quite a bit to do with the process of creating the giant green star of the movie, Elliott.  In a recent interview with Adobe, one of the supervisors involved in the creative process told how the team used Photoshop CC and After Effects CC a lot during the visualization of Elliott.

Since one of the fun aspects of Elliott is his disappearing trick, the team had to get creative   with finding ways to make him disappear (and reappear!)  They were able to use Photoshop render layers to create multiple looks, and then they were able to finalize them in After Effects.  Illustrator was then used to create visual diagrams that the team actually used while on set.  These diagrams main purpose was to show where the camera was in relation to the actors, including how high it is and where it moved.  All this came together to make sure that the vision the creative team had makes sense and lines up with what the actors are able to re-create in real life.

This, I’m sure is only scratching the surface on how the creative team for Pete’s Dragon was able to use some of the Creative Cloud apps to their advantage.  Each day I learn more and more about how the apps are able to be used other than their obvious ways for design.  I love reading about these real-life applications of graphic design!


Real Graphic Design Solutions: New Paris Metro Map

I have never been to Paris, but I have heard from several people that it can be quite the task to navigate.  The metro system of Paris can especially take some getting used to.

Aware of this predicament and ready to provide a solution, graphic designer Constantine Konovalov (and his team of designers) have released a new version of the Paris metro system that is a thing of beauty.

The goal of this project was to help people find their route more quickly.  A way that the design team helped accomplish this was to simplify the actual shapes of the routes.  The routes now appear as clean lines and sweeping arcs that more closely resembles a trendy piece of art instead of a metro map.

It took Konovalov and his team two years to complete the map.  This is certainly understandable since landmarks, sightseeing locations, and even future Metro developments are included on the map.  The only thing that is not unique about this map (when compared to a traditional metro map) is that the color scheme to represent the different trains of the metro line remained the same.

Unfortunately, this cool project is not officially the new metro map of Paris.  There are also no plans in place to replace the now-archaic looking Parisian map with this one, but this map is readily available for any user to download the map and use it to navigate their time in Paris:

Great news indeed for anybody planning a trip to Paris anytime soon.