Website Landing Pages: Good Design That Captivates

Have you ever wondered what it is that some websites have that makes you sit and just look for a few seconds?  I have certainly come across my fair share of great landing pages and I would like to take some time and share with you just a few of my favorites.

  • Apple

apple website

I have always loved visiting Apple’s homepage.  I think simplicity in good design can be highly underrated, and Apple just embraces the simplicity.  They truly let the products speak for themselves (one product at a time is featured right in the middle of the screen), the font choice is very easy to read, and the website is just as easy to navigate.  I also love their use of all the white space as the background for the website — it almost allows the viewer to breathe a little bit; it is such a breath of fresh air to not see too much going on with a website.

  • Pinterest


I will say that while I am not the most avid Pinterest user, I do enjoy using the website for a good recipe every now and again!  There are a few things that are striking and immediately noticeable when going to Pinterest:  1) To view any content on their website, you must join!  2) They’re all about passing information on to the user.  So literally, Pinterest has something for anybody who could happen upon their website.

While I don’t think that Pinterest is the most clean looking website I have ever seen, I do think that they do a great job of keeping everything quite organized (with as much information that is being shared), and it is also very easy to navigate.  With one quick search you’ve got a few thousand different recipes at your fingertips, and that’s just for Fettuccine Alfredo.

  • Indochino

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.05.56 AM

Ah, Indochino.  I have been to this website many times but I have never actually purchased anything from them.  This company specializes in custom made suits, and the entire ordering process takes place online.  The website will even walk you through step by step on how to get the perfect measurements (if you don’t already know them) so that you can get the perfect bespoke suit in the mail.  These folks really know how to make a gorgeous suit.

The whole concept of getting a custom suit all online is still a pretty new concept, and I think that the design of the website reflects that.  The website is modern looking and simple, and it is ridiculously easy to navigate.  The first thing you see when you open the website is always either a closeup of one of their suits, or a group picture (usually a wedding shot) of guys wearing their suits.  You almost can’t look at that first glance of one of their suits and not continue clicking farther and farther into their website.  Indochina certainly does know what they’re doing.


These are just a few of my favorite landing pages with websites that I am familiar with.  That first look at a website does make a big impression, and I know that is makes a big impact on what I think about the company.