3 Important Things to Remember About Branding

One side of graphic design that can tend to be pushed to the back burner is how important graphic designers are in the implementation and use of branding.

I have been reading a good deal about branding recently, and I have found a lot of similarities with what I have been reading.  The below are some of the most important things that I have been reading, and they are especially important so that a business’s voice is able to be heard.

          1.  Be Smarter, Not Louder

With so many businesses vying for our attention, they to be smart if they want to be heard over everybody else.  The key to grabbing a consumer’s attention probably will not be trying to be “louder” than everybody else; depending on the product as well as the audience they are communicating with, the answer might actually be to whisper to the customer.  I believe the key to success is being inventive and innovative, not louder.

          2.  Tone of Voice

Since businesses communicate with their customers is so many different ways now, one of the things that is so important to keep consistent is the tone of voice.  Across all mediums in which a business communicates from, the message that is being communicated needs to be exactly the same.  I think that if a customer were to get a different tone of voice from a business on social media and then on print, the message that was trying to be communicated would be lost.  The goal with branding should always be to keep the customer engaged in what the business is doing.

          3.  Believe in the Product

Pretty simple concept, but if a customer gets the impression that the business doesn’t believe in the product/service they are marketing, then the customer certainly won’t either.  Customers want to see that a business believes in their product with unwavering support.  That’s certainly what makes me interested in and have confidence in a product that I am going to invest time and money into.


The Fundamentals of Illustration: Music Industry Illustration

Upon continuing my reading through “The Fundamentals of Illustration”, I realized the  sector of illustration that I find most interesting (and the one that I would certainly enjoy working in the most) is the music industry.

Illustrators in the music industry possess a lot of power:  they control how the public views the musician as well as the music before the public even hears one bit of music!

Now, the sub-sector within the music industry that I would feel at home is certainly in the classical genre; I grew up listening to and unequivocally falling in love with classical music.  There are many situations in the classical field of music where graphic designers and illustrators are able to find work:  there are countless music competitions that need promotional materials to be created, there are summer programs that happen all over the world that mailout brochures, there are opera companies and symphonies that have entire departments that are responsible for promoting the organization, and there are even record labels that sign only classical artists that need to promote the artists brand.

I find the potential of working in some regard within the classical field exciting because before a single note is heard the illustrator and/or graphic designer is the person that first communicates with the audience about the music.  When I look at a newly purchased c.d. I am already making up my mind as to what the recording is going to be like and how the artist even goes about their performance!  The job of an illustrator and graphic designer includes a lot of power and that is so exciting.